Last night, I listened to President Obama address the nation following the capture of the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect. His remarks were heard following a press conference by the Massachusetts State Police.

I listened to both of these segments on AM radio in my Jeep, because all of the local FM stations continued to appease the needs of Bieber fans and commercials.

I tuned into the first station that wasn’t broadcasting a baseball game; it was obvious when I found a station reporting news, so I stopped on that spot on the dial.[1]

After both press conferences concluded, the national rebroadcast was paused for station identification. “This is 84 WHAS, Louisville.” Louisville? As the crow flies, Free Map Tools says I’m 385 miles away from WHAS.

The rate our world is evolving is unmistakable, but it’s humbling to see a technology invented at the turn of the last century continue to perform so exceptionally over large distances.

  1. Sadly, my radio doesn’t have a dial. It’s digital, and the lack of adjustment is very apparent, especially on AM. ↩︎