On Friday, FedEx dropped of my wife’s new iPhone 5s (gold). She graciously offered to wait for me to finish working before we unboxed it.


We spent the evening preparing for our son’s birthday party, so the phone sat in the FexEx box on a shelf. Saturday came and it was time to host family for the party, so the phone continued to sit. When things finally calmed down and I asked her if she wanted to open her phone, she stunned me.

“I’m not sure I want it. My [iPhone 4S] still works great.”
Her reason was simple. Most of the time, you upgrade a phone because the current one is bothersome, whether it be slow, incompatible with new software, or damaged. For her, none of these were true. The iPhone 4S is still a really great phone.

In the end, we opened the iPhone 5s for the original reason we bought it - as parents, the camera improvements are worth every subsidized penny we spend on these phones over the course of two years.