My father's John Deere Model A

We said goodbye to my grandfather last week. I had the opportunity to explain to my sons that funerals are a chance to gather with all of the people who knew our loved ones to honor and remember them.

A few days later, I spent some time with my boys enjoying the sights and smells perched atop a John Deere, a place my Grandfather loved. My dad has owned this Model A for years, so we’ve also had plenty of time to develop our own affections for this tractor. It came as no surprise to me when my boys expressed their love for it as well.

The sound of those loud pops as the twin cylinders come under load has always made me grin. It’s like a joyful laugh, as if the tractor enjoys being out in the fresh air, moving across the land, doing its work. My grandfather loved it too, and passed that love to his son, me, and now my sons. My grin will be a little bigger now when I hear those pops.